lundi, mai 11, 2009

Minus s'ennuie

Ce décor est cours de pâte à modélisation, veuillez patienter.

4 commentaires:

Mukpuddy a dit…

Wow, love the book dude!! Can't wait to see the finished product!! Great stuff!!

RAWLS a dit…

Beautiful work Clement!! This looks like it will be a fantastic book!

kapuschati a dit…

Tres mignon ^^

Anonyme a dit…

Very interesting your blog and the way you show your lovely work.

Sorry, I don´t speak french, and i´d like to know more about your work, because I write about illustration in my spanish blog, and I have a page about illustrators with clay.

Could I Know about your biography and some books illustrated by you?

As you see my english is also very bad... Sorry. And thanks for your attention.